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Searching for Mushrooms Series

Searching for Mushrooms IV
Searching for Mushrooms IV

This is a series of paintings I made last year in 2017, although not new I’d like to talk about them more in depth.

These series are about our relentless search for something in our lifetimes, whether is something tangible or not. Although the painting is very objective, usually women reaching for mushrooms in rather uncomfortable positions, it is actually describing a deeper meaning. It could well be us looking for answers to questions we all have and many times cannot find, reach or accept.

This idea started while I was walking in my garden and noticed some wild mushrooms growing, bright white hard to miss and of incredibly beautiful shapes. They just appeared from one day to another, right in the middle of my garden, maybe one or two, in small bunches, like they don’t want to be next to the other plants. They made such an impression to me that I have been repeatedly using them in many of my other paintings. 

Somewhere along this series I started adding flying objects in the background, to be more precise planets, meteors, comets and the like. I also began to paint some kind of buildings usually in a very abstract way. This is because I want to think these events are taking place somewhere, sometime we don’t know.

As of now, I have painted four works of this series, but after almost a year of working on other themes, I’m starting to get newer ideas to continue this journey.

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My Kingdom Series

A new series I started this year and one of the longest so far (and still going.) It started with this painting while working at a friend’s studio. He is a sculptor and while I was there I had the chance to give a try at modeling on clay. I made a couple of small clay sculptures, the second one is what gave birth to this painting. I wasn’t intending for this, but one thing led to another. Anyway, I used the clay model to make this painting, which is unusual to me, because I don’t work that way, I mainly paint from imagination, but it was a good and different approach, something that I can add to my arsenal. The theme of these series is about a man or a woman being on worlds of their own, they can dress however they like, act however they like, there are no taboos, no rules, they are free to do as they please, they can even manage to design their worlds.

If you are interested I have art prints available of this painting and of the continuing series at my shop.

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Time-Lapse Video of Tongue Twisters II

The making of Tongue Twisters II.

Continuing with the series “Tongue Twisters.” I kept exploring what unapologetic women would look like and/or do. As usual I like to paint people, specifically women in unrecognizable worlds or maybe I should say fantastic worlds, where anything is possible, after all painting should be fun and make this piece of material worthy of a cause. What does a woman sticking her tongue mean? Many things I would say (I suppose this applies to men too,) could it be sensual? or perhaps disrespectful? or both? The long tongue! yes, that long tongue, unusual, but I have seen really long ones! just take a look at Gene Simmons, Kiss’ rock band bass guitar player, and you’ll be surprised, I suppose he was kind of deep inside my head and slowly crept into these series, among other inspirational characters…