Category: Studio Life

  • Little Things Around the Studio

    Something interesting happened while painting yesterday, which probably happened many times but never really noticed. I usually place a piece of wood under my canvases to raise them a little so I can work on the bottom more easily, well so it happens that the colors I was using below went on that strip of…

  • Abstracts

    What I paint depends on a particular event that happened to me or someone else or a dream I had or a simple object I saw, I believe at the end I create unconsciously if that’s even possible.

  • Positioning

    Sometimes a painting looks better upside down or sideways, at least that’s how I feel when something is not quite working. Turning it in all possible sides gives me a fresh look, maybe I could design a way to make that an option… 🤔

  • XYZ

    I’m always surprised by the shadows coming from windows, how it alters the paintings and how it adds more elements impossible to attain with paint.

  • Shadows

    Every morning daylight coming from my studio’s window casts interesting shadows on my paintings creating a different version of them and when they move sometimes they feel like performance art.