People and Portraits

May 24, 2020

Weeds: A Painted Story about these Misunderstood Plants

A while ago I started wondering about the importance of weeds in nature and why people take whatever method to get rid of them, including me, I guess this is what our society thought me to do.

It all started while walking in my overgrown garden when I saw weeds flowering when I realized how beautiful these little plants are, specially when blooming. There were so many types, such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

This of course led me to start a new series of paintings, properly titled “Weeds.” But it was a slow start, these little plants started to show up in other paintings before these series, sort of an integration to the compositions I was working at that time, until eventually bloomed into its own series.

Weeds III close-up detail

April 26, 2019

My Kingdom Series: The Queenly Queens in Their Own Turf.

In their own world, that’s the idea behind these series of new paintings. Surrounded by fantastic landscapes, these women face no taboos, they can wear whatever they please and can also manipulate their surroundings. These women like to wear leggings, whether they are solid, stripped or dotted. They like to match their clothing to their surroundings, which are extravagant and sometimes capricious. In the meantime strange formations and growings occur, pole-like tree trunks, branches, caves, buildings, stone-bearing plants, mushrooms and much more… while planets, suns and meteor-like flying objects dance in the sky.

My kingdom 5 oil painting by Aldo Cherres
My Kingdom V oil painting
My kingdom 3 oil painting by Aldo Cherres
My Kingdom III oil painting

If you are interested about these paintings, please contact me for more information, thank you.