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Time-Lapse Video of Tongue Twisters II

The making of Tongue Twisters II.

Continuing with the series “Tongue Twisters.” I kept exploring what unapologetic women would look like and/or do. As usual I like to paint people, specifically women in unrecognizable worlds or maybe I should say fantastic worlds, where anything is possible, after all painting should be fun and make this piece of material worthy of a cause. What does a woman sticking her tongue mean? Many things I would say (I suppose this applies to men too,) could it be sensual? or perhaps disrespectful? or both? The long tongue! yes, that long tongue, unusual, but I have seen really long ones! just take a look at Gene Simmons, Kiss’ rock band bass guitar player, and you’ll be surprised, I suppose he was kind of deep inside my head and slowly crept into these series, among other inspirational characters…

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